Paolo Del Gallo Di Roccagiovine was born in Rome in 1995.
After studying classics, he graduated with top honors from the Academy of Fine Arts in Rome.
He launched his career with the solo exhibition "God save the intern" (26/10/2020 - 26/11/2020) at the Galleria del Cortile in Via del Babuino in Rome, while also working on restoration and decoration projects in various embassies and palaces throughout Europe.
His latest project takes him to Mexico, where he has created an exhibition at the famous Patio de los Azulejos in Puebla (20/11/2021), in the historical center of the city, presenting a collection of pieces created in collaboration with Uriarte Talavera, which explores nature studied from a sacred perspective.
After the exhibition at Palazzo Colonna in Rome, titled "Paradisus" (9/12/2021), presented in the splendid Coffee House, he presents a new project on time, also developed in Mexico.
At the beginning of 2022, he collaborated with American architect Todd Klein, creating his first wall paintings in New York.
Oil paintings on canvas
Painting on walls
Painting on antique objects, mirrors, silver and furniture
The studio in Rome, on Via del Babuino, is an integral part of Paolo del Gallo′s work.

In the vibrant heart of the city, where antiquity and the power of history become the narrator of art.

In constant restoration and change, the space is alive.
Art, nature, and antiquity blend together, giving unique prominence to each work.
Art through Nature
Paolo Del Gallo Di Roccagiovine′s art arises from a propensity for beauty, an obsession with seeking the most fascinating and rare in the world. This attitude, combined with an extreme sensitivity to our surroundings, the study of individuals, nature, and the behavior of animate and inanimate things, creates an unstoppable tendency towards art.
His vision is constantly evolving, always driven by beauty as a motivating force, inspired by the ingenuity of butterfly wings, the vibrant colors of bird feathers, and the elegance of sea creatures.
He rediscovers in all of this the symptom of an inner necessity that is expressed through nature, a spasmodic search for freedom not only personal but also collective. A society that cannot remain in contact with the surrounding world, with species that are becoming extinct, along with those that migrate, like humans who are forced to do so.



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